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Over the past decade Generations has been a retail store, silkscreening studio, art gallery, and music venue. A TRULY unique experience, full of details creative's dream of... At 1,200 square feet, with 15 foot high ceilings, the space is filled with warm light. If you are looking to stay in the absolute heart of Seattle's liveliest neighborhood, in an immaculately designed space, this one is for you.
Staying at Generations and want to take a piece of it home with you? Find links below to some of the items you can order online and we can ship home to you. Also, if you find yourself in the Ballard neighborhood, please stop by our brick and mortar boutique, Prism.
Salad For President
Tanlines  - Ceramic planters
Slowdown Studios Blanket - design by painter Kevin Umaña
Annika and Alwin Mugs
If you like the general vibe of the space, find more things in our
HOME and GIFT collections...