Blackbird Precious Flowers Incense

$ 38.00



- Natural bamboo charcoal + tuberose absolute and essential oils
- 20+ cones per tin
- Burn time: 20 min approx. 
- Scent lasts 6-24 hours (medium size room)
- Lid may act as a burner
- Reusable, recyclable packaging 
- Travel-friendly 
- Handmade in Seattle

  • Rosie:  Rosie is the pure and natural scent of Turkish and Bulgarian rose botanical extracts combined with the smoky essence of burning incense. Fresh pink and red roses.
  • Poppy: pop. pop. pop. I picked some flowers for you... because I LOVE YOU!
  • Where did you get these?I can't remember. linden blossom, black currant bud, rose, carnation, labdanum, oud, tree moss

  • Mochi: Tuberose and oud to the extreme. Hot pink 2000's rave incense. Candy-sweet flowers dancing in a repetitive flutter layered over a heavy, dank oud bass. A non-stop 24-hour flower-induced dance party. tuberose, oud/agarwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang, bubble gum. 

  • Blohm: the grand finale of our Precious Flowers series. An ode to floral fragrances of the past, A bouquet of classic flowers, topped with a heavy dose of aldehydes resting on a base of verdant green. Now imagine a 1960s film about spinning in circles, yelling at the sky, in a meadow of flowers, on top of a mountain, in Austria. We created Blohm in honor of our very special friend, who didn't know his last name means flower in German. Aldehydes, gardenia, narcissus, waxy rose, iris, oakmoss, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli