Roadtrip Hits Fragrance Discovery Set

$ 60.00

For your car. Closet. Bus. Submarine. Keep it Fresh. 5 auto fragrances.

Set of 2 ml vials containing:

  • Wild Brooklyn Lavender: Top notes of spike lavender and wayside herbs. Heart notes of vetiver grass and lavender flowers. Base notes of suede and asphalt

  • '85 Diesel: Top notes of saffron leather, sued and vinyl. Heart notes of white violet, hiba, and castoreum. Base notes of diesel smoke, earth dirt, galbanum resin.

  • Big Sur After Rain: Top notes of coastal rain and eucalyptus shoot. Heart notes of magnolia and pacific spray. Base notes of eucalyptus leaf and wet wood.

  • Concrete After Lightning: Top notes of electricity and panic grass. Heart notes of summer rain and ozone. Base notes of concrete and steam.

  • Portable Fireplace: Top notes of dwarf pine wood and atlas cedar. Heart notes of smoke oak ash, and cedar. Base notes of birch, birch tar, and capaiba resin.