Ophir Perfume
$ 96.00

Ophir Perfume

OPHIR: A fictional trade planet at the center of our imaginary Blackbird universe where rare and precious materials are exchanged for “Element 79” - the natural byproduct of a plant only found on Ophir used to power machines, turn hostile ecosystems habitable and extend life. The planet also produces a black market perfume bearing the same name, made from the most aromatic materials found in its markets and a micro amount of Element 79. The scent is said to grant temporary supernatural abilities ranging from telekinesis to precognition but most reports tell of no such enhancements, only a pleasant scent. [feel free to laugh at us; we're rarely serious]

SCENT NOTES: sandalwood, tonka bean, amyris, siam wood, muhuhu, rose hip seed, cedarwood, guaiacwood, myrtle leaf, cypress leaf, rosewood leaf, frankincense, saffron, pistachio, hazelnut, opopanax, lavender, ambrette seed, bay, rose, black pepper, nutmeg

DETAILS: Ophir opens as an opulent exotic sandalwood accord with its intense briskness immediately announcing that this is a sophisticated wood perfume. Suddenly a euphoric milky, nutty, spiciness of tonka bean, pistachio, hazelnut, and nutmeg show up to play a dangerous scent game living harmoniously alongside the woods, never fighting but always alert. Once the scent settles in, saffron becomes apparent with its unique notes of hay and metallic gold; this is when the secret is revealed that saffron is the true reason you’re wearing this fragrance. In the end as the top notes fade, touches of rose, lavender and black pepper energize for a final lap around the sandalwood.

GENDER NOTES: All Blackbird scents are considered gender neutral. Although Ophir contains wood notes, the creamy, nutty and floral accents make this a scent loved by all.