Miniature Perfumes Deluxe Box Set

$ 250.00

6 x 10 mL miniature perfumes for stupendous armchair travel.

  • I Don't Know What: Top notes of bergamot essence. Heart notes of iso e super and vetiver acetate. Base notes of civettone, firsantol and ambrox super.
  • Pistachio: Top notes of pistachio and cardamom. Heart Notes of roasted almond and more pistachio. Base Notes of patchouli, v anilla crème and even more   pistachio.
  • Debaser: Top notes of bergamot, green leaf, and pear stem.
    Heart notes of fig, coconut milk, and iris. Base notes of blond woods, tonka bean, and moss.
  • Jazmin Yucatan: Top notes of water, passion flower, and bergamot. Heart notes of jazmín yucateco, sambac, clove. Base notes snake plant, vetiver, and copal
  • Cowboy Grass: Top notes of rosewood, wild thyme, and bergamot. Heart notes of sagebrush, basil and rose otto. Base notes of vetyver, grass, and ambergris.
  • Radio Bombay: Top notes of radiant wood, copper, and cedar. Heart notes of sandalwood, radiant iris and boronia. Base notes of balsam fir absolute, coconut musk, and ambergris.